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Christ is alive!

Brian Wren the hymn writer of hymn numbered 297 in our Methodist Hymnbook SINGING THE FAITH wrote these words: “Christ is alive! Let Christians sing”. “Christ is alive! No longer bound…”. The claim that Christ is alive is not an easy one for most people to believe today not to talk about the people who witnessed his crucifixion.

Christ is alive, was the message the other disciples gave to Thomas when he returned from is walk according to John chapter 20. I can image the look on his face and him saying “yeah right!” you got to be kidding me right?

Christ is alive, they must have painstakingly emphasised but Thomas struggled to believe this. He doubted the claim and laid down his conditions to believe otherwise. Since then, Thomas seems to have had an unfairly bad press for the last 2000 years. His name has even entered into the Concise Oxford English language Dictionary as “Doubting Thomas”.

All he wanted was proof. Thomas was not with the other disciples when they saw Jesus. He did not have the benefit of what they had seen. He could not believe that Jesus was risen – because the resurrection was something outside his experience Our faith is not an unreasonable faith. It is based on evidence. To fully understand and believe what the other disciples were saying, he asked for proof. Remember, there were no smartphones, Facebook or twitter for the other disciples to capture the moment to share with him.

St Peter tells us in (1 Pet 3:15) “Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have”. Proof beyond all reasonable doubt is a vital concept of our postmodern culture. People want proof. I myself at times want proof. How many times have I asked my daughters to prove things to me? The proof was what Thomas asked for and that is not always a bad thing…According to John’s gospel, Jesus made another visit to go and see Thomas and he proved to him that He is alive.

                                                                 Indeed Christ is alive.

Have you ever doubted God? If you are like most Christians, you probably have and you may have felt guilty about doubting Him. The good news is that Jesus welcomes you to bring your doubts to him. Like Thomas, be honest with Jesus about your doubts. He will meet you where you are if you are honest with him.  Ask God to show you that he is who he says he is. Ask him to help you to believe that he can do what he says he can do. He will be faithful to do so and like Thomas, you will hopefully come to believe that Christ is Alive!

Blessings to You

Rev Lansford Penn– Timity




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