South Holderness Methodist Circuit

SHMC LogoWelcome to our Circuit portal. We are a Circuit of several Methodist Churches located in The East Riding of Yorkshire.   Our Superintendent is  Rev D. Lucas.   If you are looking to worship Jesus as LORD, please feel free to look at our Preaching Plan

Dear Friends,


A few years ago, when I was working for the Church in another town, a local preacher and his family had the unfortunate experience of being made homeless just before Christmas.  Through no fault of their own they had to find alternative accommodation very quickly.  With all their belongings in storage, this young family of four had to rely completely on the mercy and practical support of other people through the days of Christmas and into the New Year.

Later, when life was calmer again, they reflected on all the gifts they had received during that time, the gifts that were obvious and those that might be termed hidden gifts.  The value of belonging to a wider Church community became clear to them in a deep and meaningful way.  They had found shelter and nourishment, friendship and hope amongst people who were living out the words of the carols and demonstrating the authentic love that lies at the heart of the Christmas story.   The experience helped this church member to realise afresh how the activities and worship and spiritual generosity of Advent and Christmas can speak to many different people in profound and life-transforming ways.

Our plan for December, January and February presents many occasions for us to experience not only for ourselves, but also to show and tell others, the grace found in the tender love of God who comes to us in human form.  Let us express our thanks to all who share their own gifts, enabling these events and times of worship to happen.  Let us pray for them in their careful  preparations.

Can you think of someone you may like to invite to one of the services or special events taking place throughout the Circuit over the next few weeks?

Lots of gifts will bring a great deal of pleasure to many this Christmas.  These will include presents to family and friends (from whom a gift might be expected in return) and those presents which are given freely to friends or to charities to pass on to or to use in their work with other people (where there will be no material ‘pay-back’).

We remember Jesus is a gift for everyone.  He is a gift to be shared and enjoyed.  He comes to be with us as a companion and friend.  He comes as love packaged up in a person.  He comes as a Saviour to mend humanity’s fractured relationship with God.  He speaks to us at the heart of the Covenant Prayer which we shall have an opportunity to say again at the beginning of 2019.  What Good News to share with a waiting world.

Rev Debbie

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  May the LORD richly Bless you as we journey together as a Circuit.


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That as Paul says you may know him Phil 3:10   Bruce