South Holderness Methodist Circuit

SHMC LogoWelcome to our Circuit portal. We are a Circuit of several Methodist Churches located in The East Riding of Yorkshire.   Our Superintendent is  Rev D. Lucas.   If you are looking to worship Jesus as LORD, please feel free to look at our Preaching Plan see link in the header to this page.

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Dear Friends,

(Jesus said)  ‘Father, glorify your name.  Then came a voice from heaven,     saying, I have glorified it, and will glorify it again.’  (John 12: 28)

God tells us that he will go beyond the best that he has done before; that to have a Christian faith means that there is always an element of surprise, tension and discovery; that we have still more of God’s blessing to wait for.

God spoke these words to Jesus when he was on his way to Jerusalem from    Galilee.  God had glorified his ministry in his home country: the blind had been given sight; the deaf, hearing; the sick made well; the lame walked.  Zacchaeus    promised to give back half of his money to the poor, and if he had robbed any, he would give back four times as much.  The woman whom Jesus met at the well was telling others the Good News.  Most extraordinary of all: Lazarus had been raised from the dead.  Also, Peter, that unpredictable disciple was becoming ‘The Rock’, a leader amongst the disciples.  John was becoming a compassionate and deeply thoughtful disciple.

Now God tells Jesus there is so much more to come.  For, the most wonderful promise was yet to come: Jesus was to be raised from the dead.

This whole promise holds true in our Church today.  We have seen so much that is good in our Circuit and in our churches. Good events happen in every            fellowship: things to give thanks for.  God tells us there is so much more to come:  a promise of surprise, tension and also blessing.  Through all the Church, God promises to glorify his name.  Here is a great promise to wait for: to stay prayerful and wait for our Lord Jesus as he blesses our Circuit into the coming       Methodist year.

God bless




For information about becoming a Christian click to this web page Looking For God

That as Paul says you may know him Phil 3:10   Bruce