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SHMC LogoWelcome to our Circuit portal. We are a Circuit of several Methodist Churches located in The East Riding of Yorkshire.   Our Superintendent is  Rev P Barnett.   If you are looking to worship Jesus as LORD, please feel free to look at our Preaching Plan see link in the header to this page.

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Read Mark 10 verses 46 – 52. “The blind man said to him, “My teacher, let me see again” (Verse 51)

Dear Friends,

I often wonder whether those of us who live in the 21 century can truly imagine what it was like to live in Jesus’ day. Can we imagine a life without electricity, running water, and all of the modern conveniences we now have at our daily disposal? Advances in science, technology and medicine have greatly enhanced the way in which we live – and how long we live for.

In today’s world a person’s sight can often be restored by a simple cataract operation. Jesus, of course, had no access to modern technology or medicine, yet sometimes it seems there is a temptation for us to explain away the miracles he performed and to use 21 century knowledge to do so!

In our reading from Mark’s gospel, perhaps we can see Bartimaeus as a voice from the margins, crying out for help. The initial response of the disciples is to try and shut him up. So although Bartimaeus was blind, it seems that the disciples were the ones who had a blinkered view of the world and of those whom Jesus could and would reach.

One thing we can hardly do today is have a blinkered view of the world – unless we totally avoid those modern day things we considered earlier. Voices from the margins cry out to us every day through the internet, television and newspapers. “Have mercy on me, I am a refugee; I am working but my benefits are being reduced I am hungry but have no food.”

And the voices we hear can be so incessant that like the disciples we too can be tempted to say, “Shut up.” We too can be tempted to think that we know just who Jesus can and will reach. Yet in our heart of hearts we know that is not an adequate response.

At the end of our story, Bartimaeus has his sight restored. And as he sees the world for how it is, and as he sees himself for how he is, he decides to follow Jesus. As churches and as individuals we sometimes need to ask God to open our eyes afresh to the needs of the world around us and also to open our spiritual eyes that we might have a right and healthy view of ourselves.

Then, sometimes despite of – not because of what we see around us, we too might decide to continue following him.

Every Blessing as we celebrate Christmas, Emmanuel God with us, and the coming New Year.     Peter



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That as Paul says you may know him Phil 3:10   Bruce