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SHMC LogoWelcome to our Circuit portal. We are a Circuit of several Methodist Churches located in The East Riding of Yorkshire.   Our Superintendent is  Rev D. Lucas.   If you are looking to worship Jesus as LORD, please feel free to look at our Preaching Plan see link in the header to this page.

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Dear Friends,

At the beginning of November, I received a surprise telephone call.  I had not heard from this friend in a while and it was good to catch up with her news.  We had first met at Cliff College as students.  She had continued to work at the College after the course had finished and then later pursued further ministry training.  As with many other people, Cliff College has played a significant role in the development and enrichment of our respective faith journeys.

“Do you want a Cross?”  was her question.  In summer 2016 the College had decided to make major renovations to the old Lecture Room, and produce a new bespoke series of lecture rooms for the 21st Century.  Much of the old parquet flooring laid down 110 years before as part of the new Champness Memorial Wing was saved, and a great friend of the College took the wood away to make it into the Cliff Cross.  The Cross has now arrived – a small, simple, sturdy Cross, smelling of polish and bearing the marks of those who have lectured, preached and walked on the floor, and swept and scrubbed it through the years.

I am delighted to have a Cliff Cross in my study and to receive one at the start of a new chapter in ministry.  It was during the early weeks at Cliff College that I began to respond to a call to lead worship and to preach, although it was never an easy or a particularly natural call to follow.  By the grace of God, I am always grateful for the places and situations into which the call has led me.  For now, it has brought me to live in East Hull and to serve in the South Holderness Methodist Circuit and I look forward to finding out more of what the Holy Spirit is doing here, as the days unfold.

Let us think carefully of those who, through the years, have continued to pray, to worship, to put in the hours of preparation to help us understand God’s Word for the present age.  How good it is to be part of a Circuit where people are listening and responding to fresh calls to explore worship leading and preaching, building on the solid heritage of faith and belief.   Who has helped you to understand in a personal way the message of the grace and glory of the Cross of Christ and to experience transforming, generous worship?

As I contemplate the Cliff Cross, I hear the words: ‘Christ for all and all for Christ’.  I trust you are finding joy and challenge in your journey of faith.  However, if you ever want to find out more about the message of the Cross never be afraid to ask the deep questions of life.   All of us have so much to learn of the width and length and height and depth of Christ’s love.

May you know the Joy and Peace of Jesus this Christmas.  Rev Debbie



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That as Paul says you may know him Phil 3:10   Bruce