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SHMC LogoWelcome to our Circuit portal. We are a Circuit of several Methodist Churches located in The East Riding of Yorkshire.   Our Superintendent is  Rev D. Lucas.   If you are looking to worship Jesus as LORD, please feel free to look at our Preaching Plan see link in the header to this page.

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Dear Friends,

What a breath-taking journey of adventure through the months of March, April and May, marking so many important times and seasons in the Christian year.  We find ourselves travelling still through Lent, sharing in the triumph of Easter, marvelling at the majesty of the Ascension of Jesus and patiently waiting for that fresh encounter of life in the Spirit as celebrations unfold at Pentecost.  I hope we can learn more of the deep love and fellowship of God as we contemplate the service and sacrifice and witness the joy and blessings of discipleship and mission.  During these months, can I also ask you to pray for wisdom and unity and purpose in our discussions and reflections on the significant issues that continue to face us within the life of this Circuit?

Last week, I popped into Hull Minister, needing to find a few moments of stillness in the hustle and bustle of the day.  It was my first visit.  I was grateful for the welcome and quiet peace that enveloped me.  I found myself caught up in the rhythm of regular daily worship as prayers were offered and, for a while, I enjoyed the benefits of being part of the Minster community.

As I sat quietly, I was reminded of my visit to Taize, a monastic ecumenical community in France, many years ago.  I had been invited to join a party of young people who were travelling from Derbyshire, with the general idea of exploring vocation. The community was new to me, but I discovered it was founded by Brother Roger in 1940 and consisted of over a hundred brothers of various denominations from all over the world living, working and studying faith together in the beautiful countryside of Burgundy.  Three times a day, the bell would ring and everything stops for prayer in the Chapel.

In those times of prayer, I can still remember the simple songs and chanted prayers, the Scripture readings and meditations and then the period of silence – inviting openness and encounter with God.  Worship and silence at the end of the week was particularly meaningful.  Members of the community led us to the Upper Room on Thursday, to gather before the Cross of Good Friday, into a prayer vigil for Holy Saturday, invited us to experience the joy and hope of Resurrection on Easter Sunday and then encouraged us to appreciate the gift and potential of the new week stretching out before us.  It was deeply moving and inspirational.  As we worship and pray in our own communities, let us be constantly open to God’s transforming love and grace.

Blessings for Holy Week and Easter and Pentecost. Rev Debbie

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That as Paul says you may know him Phil 3:10   Bruce