Holderness Road

Minister: Rev Lansford Penn-Timity

Enter his gates with thanksgiving and his courts with praise” (Psalm 100 verse 4)

 Those of us who attended the missions evening at Bilton Grange  were perhaps given a timely reminder about the priorities of our faith. Using the words of Psalm 100 and other relevant scriptures from Hebrews and Matthew, Roger Jones and his team lead us in a time of thanksgiving, praise and worship.

Matthew 27 verse 51 (speaking about the moment of Jesus’ death) says, “At that moment the curtain of the temple was torn in two from top to bottom.” The curtain or the veil was there in order to keep sinful people out of God’s presence – no one could pass through the curtain. But through his self-sacrifice on the cross, Jesus has made it possible for us to enter the holy of holies, meet with God, be in his presence and offer him our worship.

I wonder how often our church services lead us into that place of true worship – where we know ourselves to be in the holy place before God? The point was made the other evening that sometimes we are good at entering his gates with thanksgiving and his courts with praise – but then we are reluctant to go any further. In our hearts we want to sew that curtain back up again and not allow the God who welcomes us to get too close to us.

When I was at theological college, one of the things we were encouraged to do in our ministry was to separate what is important from what is vital. We spend much of our time thinking about church finances and church buildings – and they are important. But vital to our faith is our relationship with God and not only entering his gates with thanksgiving and his courts with praise, but also entering that holy place beyond the veil and spending time in his presence worshipping him and receiving from him. In our busy lives, I wonder which has been given more attention this week?

As post resurrection people we have a privilege that the people of the Old Testament never knew. They could only go so far – not beyond the veil. As God’s people in these days, are we availing ourselves of the privilege he offers to us?

Every blessing

Girls’ Brigade

Cake and Book Stall

Each year our ladies group Thursday at Eight choose two charities to support and throughout the year they have various events to raise funds for them.

One important fund raiser is the cake and book stall which we hold on the first Friday of each month.  The cakes and buns are baked by members of the group and each month the table rapidly empties as passing shoppers snap up delicious bargains.

The stalls now have regular customers who make a special trip to collect their monthly treat.

As well as raising a lot of money for a good cause the stalls raise our profile and give us contact points with the people who pass our door.

Keep up the good work ladies!!

Cake Stall and book stall – the first Friday of every month.

Every Wednesday morning from 10.00am – 12 noon ‘The  Drop-in’ will be open in the main hall. Come for a cuppa and a chat!

Bridge Community Cafe

The Bridge Community Cafe is now being run by volunteers from the church and at the moment is open on TUESDAY and THURSDAY from 11.00am – 1.00pm serving snacks and drinks.

Below is a sample menu

Tea/coffee                                               £1.00

Cappuccino                                                £1.00

Cans                                                              80p 

Hot chocolate                                          £ 1.00 

Teacake with a drink                            £1.80

Toast with  a drink                                £1.50

Soup and roll                                           £1.80

Sausage/bacon sandwich                  £1.80

Egg sandwich                                          £1.50

Cake   50p a slice

Prices and menu subject to change

The cafe is an important part of our community work and it is essential that we give it our full support.