Minister: Rev Tom Parker

Colin’s Christmas Composition

Shopping for Christmas presents; preparing for visitors; arranging to visit your family; making up your Christmas list for sending Christmas cards; going to Christmas events; decorations to go up; children and grandchildren to think about; relatives to contact: the list of things that is still to do, as Christmas approaches, seems endless. So busy can we be that we can easily forget the plot
That Jesus was born into an ordinary home in Nazareth; he enjoyed the simple things of family life; and when he grew up, he visited many a simple home: so he dedicated the home as a holy place, where he lived amongst us. At Christmas time, our homes can also become a special place, made holy by Christ’s presence.
May we open our homes to his wonderful presence this Christmas. Amid all the festivities, let us be a witness to the true joy and wonder of Him who came to be amongst us. May we open our hearts to the true wonder that Christ is with us: Emmanuel, God is with us.
May God bless you this Christmas.

Continuing work in Thorngumbald

We continue to meet with congregation of St Mary’s church every 3rd Sunday of the month. One month in the Chapel and one month in the church.

The Friendship Circle meets once a month, offering friendship to all!

As a church we thank God for all that is past, and we are trusting him for the future.